Beautiful Puppies

Blue Heelers
The World's All Around Best Doggies

Our 2 Doggies have 8 Beautifully Blueing-up, Blue Heeler Pups with Dingo Red accents,
for Adoption. Muggins, Jackson, Adele and I meticulously raise them in our home with utmost care and attention, and 1st class nutrition with daily romps on the
Beach and in the yard (as long as the weather permits) and Jackson keeps 
watch and Muggins plays.....We have 6 lovely Girls and 2 Boys for a loving home.

Female Puppy No.1

Loves to Snuggle
and is a bundle of 
Pure Joy.


Female Puppy No.2

She loves to explore the outdoors
and She loves to play with the Cats.

Female Puppy No.3

She was the 1st Puppy to go into
the lake.

Male Puppy No.4

He loves to run and cuddle up.

Female Puppy No.5

She loves to toys and Beach Time

Female Puppy No.6

She is the fastest runner on the beach.

Female Puppy No.7

She's the most inquisitive of the Pack.

Male Puppy No.8

He's the Big Boy of the Pack and loves to snuggle.